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on 27 September 2021

Meet Canonical at Open Source Strategy Forum on 5th October in London

What is Open Source Strategy Forum?

The Open Source Strategy Forum (OSSF) is a one-day conference for experts across financial services, technology and open source to deepen collaboration and drive innovation in the financial services industry. This year, Open Source Strategy Forum is live and in-person in London organised by the Linux Foundation and Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS). 

We are excited to announce that Canonical is a proud community sponsor for the OSSF 2021, London. You can meet our team at OSSF London on 5th Oct 2021 to discuss and to engage in a conversation around how financial institutions are leveraging open source software to address various business challenges.

Why is it important for the Financial Services sector to join the event?

Financial institutions can maintain cost-effectiveness while tapping into the expertise of the open-source user community. Open source technologies are paving the way for financial services software development towards a future in which service offerings and applications can be rapidly constructed by assembling and integrating a wide variety of technical building blocks. This allows financial institutions to differentiate their offerings and drive consumer benefits.

Business velocity and innovation are critical for financial institutions to sustain and to manage the impact of the COVID crisis. The real draw of open source in financial services is the ability to explore and innovate with new technologies, to easily scale the solutions that deliver real competitive advantage and to reduce the overall cost of managing the vast IT landscape through the use of open source technologies. Hence, if you are hoping to harness the power of open source to scale up your business OSSF is the right place to be and learn more about industry best practices and solutions.

Why meet Canonical?

Canonical will be addressing the topic of reducing the cost of software operations and integration while simultaneously raising business velocity and innovation that are imperatives for the finserv sector. 

What’s more? Our very own, Srikrishna ‘Kris’ Sharma – Financial Services Sector Leader at Canonical will showcase the power of the open source community to dramatically improve the working lives of DevOps engineers, address financial services sector software ops challenges and to reduce IT ops costs. The session talk is scheduled at 11:15-11:45am BST on the 5th of October.

If you want to learn more about how you can reduce your TCO and attain enterprise agility, join us at the booth on 5th October, 2021.

You can register for the event below:


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