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on 29 November 2023

Meet Canonical at CES 2024

It’s that exciting time of year, CES is almost here. With 2880+ exhibitors, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has cemented its position as the premier event for unveiling the latest technological advancements. With each passing year, CES becomes an even more integral platform for showcasing groundbreaking innovations.

Join us at booth 9763 in the North Hall to find out how Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, can support your technology stack from cloud to device with unrivalled security. Meet the Canonical team on-site to pick our technical experts’ brains about your embedded Linux business.

What to expect on Canonical’s CES 2024 booth

CES brings together a diverse range of technologies, including artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality. At Canonical we want to show you the underlying technology that drives these technologies. This will be Canonical’s second year with a booth at CES. After the great response we had last year, we’re eagerly looking forward to showcasing our automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) offerings at CES 2024, showing you how you can integrate security into your technology stack from cloud to device.

Ubuntu Core – the operating system for embedded devices

At CES our devices field engineering team will be showcasing a set of applications running on Ubuntu Core, the immutable, secure and minimal operating system that has been specifically tailored for Edge & IoT devices.

The demos will showcase some of Ubuntu Core’s key features including over-the-air (OTA) updates, secure boot and full disk encryption. We’ll also demonstrate how you might use Ubuntu Core as your operating system for smart home, robotics and automotive devices.

These demos run on multiple platforms which are all enabled and optimised for Ubuntu Core such as: Intel NUC, Mediatek i1200, AMD Kria KV260, Raspberry Pi and even the RISC-V Si-Five board.

Applications we’ll be showcasing include:

  • Face recognition: The very well known eyes & face detection AI runs on the edge with a simple web front-end.
  • Sensors system: Command and Control of a full-fledged Sensor system using all of the technologies you can leverage for those applications such as MQTT, Grafana, EdgeX and BLE.
  • Snap management system: An illustration on how to retrieve information about the status of a device and manage its base of applications & services securely and efficiently.
  • Matter: A Smart Home Hub based on Matter and Thread technologies.
  • Real Time Kernel: This video of a system running on Ubuntu illustrates the impact of a Real Time Kernel in an Intel TCC & TSN environment. The deterministic aspect of real time is illustrated by the visual behaviour of a mill wheel.

All these demos are based on open source snap applications developed by Canonical or their partners, and can be used as inspiration by anyone developing their own applications on Ubuntu Core by forking them on GitHub.

Canonical solutions for the automotive industry

Don’t miss a chance to talk to our automotive experts at the Canonical booth. In anticipation of CES 2024, automotive enthusiasts and professionals are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of cutting-edge technologies that will shape the future of the industry. From autonomous vehicles to electric cars, CES has consistently been at the forefront of revolutionising the automotive landscape. This event serves as a hub for industry experts to analyse upcoming trends and collaborate on the development of groundbreaking solutions.

Nowadays, Automotive software development is often done on a laptop (running Ubuntu) or on an Amazon Workspaces environment (running Ubuntu as a virtual desktop). In a “shift left” development approach, software implementation starts before the physical hardware is ready. 

We will be showcasing how developers can use Ubuntu to implement an application (choosing a cluster display at CES) that can be installed on a virtual hardware running Ubuntu on an Amazon Graviton EC2 instance. Once the physical hardware becomes available, the developer is able to transfer the exact same application to their ARM-based physical hardware: leveraging the ARM instruction set architecture (ISA) parity between the virtual and physical hardware. 

The software installation on the virtual and physical hardware is seamless with our OTA update technology, which is powering millions devices already. Features include transactional updates for reliability, delta updates to minimise network traffic and digital signatures to guarantee integrity and provenance. And of course, automatic rollbacks ensure your vehicle’s electronic control units (ECUs) remain functional after the update. Our versatile OTA technology can handle a large range of packages from a short signature key, an Android application or the entire ECU firmware, to a combination of ECU firmwares grouped in one package.

Save your team from mastering many different environments. Join us at booth 9763 in the North Hall on the day or book in for a private demo here.

Our event partners:

We love to showcase real use cases of Ubuntu technology, and at CES we will be giving a live demo of the Wattch cloud platform. Wattch provides unified monitoring, intelligence, and control for the grid of tomorrow. Their user-friendly dashboard provides a single source of truth for the health and performance of any distributed energy asset, which enables organisations to make informed decisions with their data. The Wattch platform can be used to manage a wide range of energy assets including solar, batteries, EV chargers, and building loads.

The demo will include a mock dashboard showing data imitating a commercial solar system at the Las Vegas Convention centre. At our booth you will find an irradiation sensor which, as you block the light to it with your hand, will update the dashboard, providing insights into the amount of ‘sunlight’ being received by the sensor.

See you there

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a guided tour through the technology that is helping to shape the evolution of automotive and IoT.

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