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on 28 April 2022

Canonical at KubeCon Europe 2022

KubeCon Europe 2022: Canonical is a platinum sponsor!

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship event, KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 is going to be held this year in Valencia, Spain from 16 – 20 May 2022. The event will also be held virtually on the same days.

As the world is slowly getting back to its pre-pandemic habits, we expect KubeCon attendance to follow the same trend, with attendance reaching 5-digit numbers and one of the most vibrant communities in IT going back to sharing insights and collaborate on pushing the boundaries of cloud native computing. Canonical will be there during the full week, main event and co-located events included. If you want to explore the full schedule of KubeCon 2022, you can find the details here.

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What is Canonical doing around KubeCon EU 2022?

Canonical Kubernetes for integrated Kubernetes powered by Ubuntu

As of last year, we have been establishing Canonical Kubernetes as the brand for everything we do in the Kubernetes ecosystem. This includes Ubuntu, the #1 OS for Kubernetes and container workloads, our work with cloud and virtualisation providers to deliver their optimised, integrated Kubernetes powered by Ubuntu and our two certified Kubernetes distributions: Charmed Kubernetes and MicroK8s. As always, Canonical Kubernetes will also include the latest innovations from Kubernetes upstream, with v1.24 hitting the shelves and landing onto our demos, just a few weeks before the event.

Kubernetes and cloud native operations report 2022

After the success of the first edition of our Kubernetes and cloud native operations report, we are back with another episode. This year, we are looking at the evolutions in the Kubernetes industry. Data from 1300 respondents and industry experts’ commentary cover a wide range of topics, from Kubernetes on bare metal and the reality behind the hybrid vs multi-cloud story to operators and where to find them. The report also touches on the future of Kubernetes and the ongoing conversations around security. Don’t hesitate to share your favourite finding with us! 

KubeCon co-located event: Canonical Operator Day

The fourth instalment of Operator Day is going live as a KubeCon CloudNativeCon co-located event on Monday, May 16th on our virtual platform. As more people are looking to simplify their operations on top of Kubernetes, Canonical hosts the Operator Day to present the latest developments around Kubernetes operators and the Juju Charmed Operator framework.

Various sessions will cover software operators, what they represent, how to use them, how to create them, how we can take advantage of them and how Canonical speakers and expert guests see the move from configuration management to application management.

Continuing the tradition from previous Operator Days, we are pleased to host a panel discussion featuring industry thought leaders from CNCF, AWS, Google, Microsoft and with Mark Shuttleworth moderated by David Booth. Join their discussion and hear about the state and future of cloud native and Kubernetes.

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4 reasons to visit Canonical’s KubeCon EU 2022 booth

See how easy MicroK8s makes Kubernetes distributed storage 

Kubernetes storage is implemented using a series of complex, hard to understand abstractions. MicroK8s is a certified K8s distribution with a low-ops developer experience that removes a lot of the toil of setting up and managing Kubernetes. The latest MicroK8s version will be at full display on Canonical KubeCon booth and it will feature our latest innovation: storage provisioning and replication of a multi-node Kubernetes cluster in a few commands using the new OpenEBS-Mayastor container-attached storage solution.

Embrace the cloud native community through the MicroK8s addons framework

MicroK8s is one of the easiest ways to get up and running with Kubernetes. One key feature behind this are the MicroK8s addons, that enable or disable services with a single command and no configuration. Join us at our booth to get a taste of the new addons framework that allows you to build your own addon ecosystem, bringing your favourite cloud native project to your fingertips.

Watch the end-to-end MLOps pipeline demo with Charmed K8s and Charmed Kubeflow

Charmed Kubeflow can improve your data science time-to-market, maturity and maintainability on any cloud or as a complete solution on Canonical Kubernetes. This demo will show you how to run an end-to-end MLOps pipeline on the Canonical Charmed Kubeflow MLOps platform, using Kubeflow, MLFlow and Seldon Core.

Learn how to leverage PostgreSQL on MicroK8s on ARM64

Embedding Kubernetes into a software solution unlocks benefits such as scalability, resource efficiency and high availability by default. In this year’s KubeCon EU you can have a first glance at those benefits through our demo with Postgres and MicroK8s on Arm systems. We will show you how to leverage the simplest Kubernetes deployment in MicroK8s to ship a highly available Postgres database with an increased price-performance ratio using ARM64 hardware.

Can’t wait to meet you there at booth P10! Want to skip the queue? Book a meeting with us today.

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