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Philipp Kewisch
on 15 June 2023

KDE, Ubuntu, and a Million Reasons Why Snaps are Important: Akademy 2023

In a month, KDE is kicking off their annual conference, KDE Akademy. Thanks to support from the University of Macedonia, this year’s conference will occur in Thessaloniki, Greece, from July 15–21st. It is a great opportunity to learn more about KDE and how this stellar desktop environment is used across many different Linux distributions, as well as discuss future plans.

Ubuntu features KDE in two official flavors, Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio, giving users a customizable, powerful, but also simple desktop.

KDE running with Kubuntu, download it here.

As a sponsor of the conference, we are looking to increase collaboration between KDE and Kubuntu, and be on the forefront of conversations when it comes to creating sustainable software that enables everyone to participate. KDE and Ubuntu have overlapping goals by putting a strong emphasis on creating user-friendly software and aiming to bring the latest technological advancements to their user base.

We will have a table at Akademy, where you can grab some Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio stickers, among others. It is also an opportunity for us to learn more about your passion with KDE and how Ubuntu can better support it, or your passion with Ubuntu and how KDE can better support it.

There will also be a number of interesting keynote speakers, workshops, and opportunities to influence KDE’s direction in BoFs and hallway discussions. Thanks to generous contributions to the community donation fund we are able to send our community member Scarlett Moore to Akademy, who will talk about over a million reasons why snaps are important. If you can’t make it in person, don’t worry – remote participation is an option.

We’re also very interested in getting the local Ubuntu Community together. This is a great opportunity to meet face to face and organize more regular local meetups. No matter if it is about helping others become more proficient with Linux, further your own skills to learn about exciting topics or practice public speaking, or just hanging out for a pizza together.

Are you in Greece and would like to learn more about local Ubuntu communities? Drop by our mini-site and let us know, or come by KDE Akademy in July!

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