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Join Canonical at SmartNICs Summit 2022

SmartNICs, the programmable network adapters that make data center networking, security and storage efficient, scalable and modular, have started to play a significant role in the industry. Canonical believes that SmartNICs are an integral part of cloud infrastructure and we work with partners to integrate our cutting-edge products, such as Ubuntu, Snaps, Snapstore, MAAS, Openstack, and MicroK8s with their products to deliver value to the customers and the industry.

Join Canonical at the first SmartNICs Summit in San Jose, California from April 26 to 28 to connect with engineers and managers who are interested in this field.

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As a leading sponsor, we are excited to present the panel discussion on the evolution of the SmartNICs landscape and why the technology has seen an explosion in popularity.

“C102: Panel on Next Great Breakthrough in SmartNICs”

April 27, 2022, 3:10 p.m. – 4:10 p.m.

Panel sponsored by Canonical

As a trusted partner for delivering infrastructure management software for SmartNICs, Canonical works with many partners in the industry to drive evolution. Join Canonical and the leading players to find out how we leverage SmartNICs for OVN, delivered by Frode Nordahl, Senior Engineer at Canonical.

Moderator: Endric Schubert, CTO, Missing Link Electronics

Panel Members:

  • Panelist: Cary Ussery, VP Software & Support, Marvell
  • Panelist: Manoj Roge, HPC / Data Center Segment Lead, Synopsys
  • Panelist: Rob Davis, VP Storage, NVIDIA
  • Panelist: Ahmet Houssein, CEO, SiPanda
  • Panelist: Frode Nordahl, Sr Engineer, Canonical

“B-201: Open Networking (Edge/Data Center Applications Track) – DPUs in Open Infrastructure Deployments”

April 28, 2022, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Presented by Frode Nordahl, Senior Engineer at Canonical

The success of smartNICs in hyper-scalers has led to the growing popularity of this cutting-edge technology, eventually finding its place in data centers in general. The capability to offload applications and functionalities that typically run on host servers to smart NICs has proven advantages in enhanced performance and programmability. Learn about how we improve OVN’s performance with SmartNIC DPUs during the session.

The Ubuntu Table & Team

Canonical is empowering our partners to explore more through trusted and secure products in SmartNICs.

Come to the Canonical table and discuss your organisation’s networking needs with a member of our engineering team and alliance team.

Explore more with us at SmartNICs Summit!

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