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on 5 December 2022

Join Canonical and the financial services open-source community at OSSF NY

OSFF is a global conference hosted by the Linux Foundation FINOS that brings together experts across financial services, technology, and open source to engage in stimulating and thought-provoking conversations about leveraging secure open source to solve financial services industry challenges.

This event showcases recent developments and the direction of open source in financial services. It provides practical knowledge and guidance on best practices, open-source tools and technologies in the industry.

OSSF NY 2022

The Linux Foundation FINOS

Founded in 2000, the Linux Foundation (LF) is supported by more than 1,000 members and is the world’s leading home for collaboration on open-source software, open standards, open data and open hardware. The Linux Foundation’s methodology focuses on leveraging best practices and addressing the needs of contributors, users and solution providers to create sustainable models for open collaboration.

The LF Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) aims to accelerate collaboration and

innovation in financial services through the adoption of open source software, standards and best practices. FINOS projects enable collaboration in key areas of innovation for the industry including data, cloud, interoperability, and regulation.

For more information, visit

How Canonical is contributing to the broader adoption of FINOS projects 

Join us and be part of the session by Srikrishna ‘Kris’ Sharma, Financial Services Industry Leader at Canonical, who will be sharing two financial services case studies. He will discuss  how automated software operations and impactful engineering experience provides day 0 open source value to the financial services industry. 

Goldman Sachs had open sourced its internally developed Legend data management platform into FINOS in Oct 2020. Legend provides an end-to-end data platform experience covering the full data lifecycle.

Waltz, contributed to FINOS by Deutsche Bank, helps large organisations understand their technology landscape in a consistent, well-documented and easily digestible format.

One of the key factors that drive broader adoption and contribution to Legend and Waltz by the FINOS community is ease of deployment and usage. In the spirit of creating an awesome engineering experience, Canonical worked closely with FINOS and the community to leverage open-source projects like Juju and Charmed Operators  to make Legend and Waltz easy to deploy and use.

In this session, Srikrishna ‘Kris’ Sharma will present how the entire Legend and Waltz environments can be set up from scratch and managed in just a few steps using Juju and Charmed Operators. Kris will also share with the OSFF audience how automation of day 0 and day 2 operations of Legend and Waltz allows financial institutions to easily adopt, contribute and integrate applications within their application estate.

The session will address the following topics:

  • What are key transformation challenges facing financial services firms in the new normal?
  • How can enterprises reduce their IT budget, drive business agility and accelerate innovation by automating software operations and maintenance?
  • Two FINOS case studies of how open source community and open source tools can address enterprise software ops challenges.

Discuss your open source needs 

We invite you to reach out to the Canonical team at the event to discuss your open source needs. We will also be happy to share how Canonical is helping financial institutions across the globe to adopt secure, well-maintained and supported open-source software that lies at the heart of any financial technology infrastructure and underpins sustainable digital transformation. 

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