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on 29 October 2014

IBM briefing: build the future with Ubuntu on OpenPOWER

Does your application use PHP? Are you looking to quickly increase business opportunities? Are you interested in adding new Cloud, Mobile, or Big Data support?

If so, then plan to attend this IBM briefing that highlights how OpenPOWER is working with Ubuntu and Canonical to build the future.

Open standards are the future and IBM is leading the way. Ubuntu on Power Systems delivers on open standards being implemented by companies large and small to support their Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data/Analytics workloads. IBM, Mellanox, Ubuntu, MariaDB and Zend have teamed up to develop a LAMP stack that will turbo charge your application with a secured and optimized platform on a high network fabric. This seminar will help you understand how IBM can expand your business opportunities by leveraging IBM’s and our Partner’s Ubuntu on Power channel.

To learn how, you are invited to attend a free ISV briefing on Ubuntu on OpenPOWER. Representatives from Canonical will be on hand to show you how their powerful orchestration tool, Juju, when combined with OpenPOWER.

When: Wednesday, November 5th, from 8:30 to 4:00

Where: IBM Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, California

Learn how supporting Ubuntu on Power can quickly provide your organization with critical support for your PHP, Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data/Analytics applications with superior price, performance and scalability. Just what your customers are looking for today.

This briefing will provide you with the opportunity and technical information you need to quickly get your applications and services running and driving new business.

At this event you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from Industry and OpenPower experts on how businesses are increasing revenue and reducing risk while delivering better and faster business results with Linux on Power.
  • Hear directly from other ISVs how they have added Power to their portfolio to handle the demanding workloads of Cloud and Big Data/Analytics. Learn how they have generated business value based on use cases and customer scenarios.
  • Find out from technical experts on how to get the Turbo LAMP stack up and running in no time with Ubuntu’s Juju and Charms

We look forward to providing valuable information to help you increase revenue by driving new business quickly. See you on Nov. 5th.

Please register now to reserve your place.


Randall Ross

Community Manager, Ubuntu on *Power*

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