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on 13 September 2021

November 10, 2021

Canonical, Nextcloud, Collabora, Linbit, OpenNebula and Factor Group will present business perspectives on the use of open source in enterprise environments at the Enterprise Open Source Summit event scheduled for November 10, 2021.

Open source solutions are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of business as an important part of a digital strategy to build an open and secure info-communication environment in today’s organizations.

However, the successful use of open source solutions in organizations is subject to certain conditions. Solutions must meet the requirements for use in large organizations, integrate with existing info-communication infrastructure and provide continuity of business processes in organizations.

We are pleased to invite everyone to participate in the Enterprise Open Source Summit, a virtual event focused on transition strategies and the subsequent successful use of Open Source solutions in the corporate environment.

The summit will be held on November 10th, under the aegis of Canonical, creator of the most popular among developers of Open Source operating system Ubuntu and environments OpenStack and Kubernetes. The event will feature presentations by industry leaders in Open Source solutions – Canonical, Nextcloud, Collabora, Linbit, OpenNebula and Factor Group.

The organizers of this virtual event have many years of experience with open source projects in different business areas – finance, retail, energy, manufacturing, telecom, public sector and others. In their speeches, speakers from managing companies- organizers will talk about the strategy of developing the projects they lead in the global OpenSource industry, talk about the importance of working with upstream projects, the community of developers behind them, organizing full-fledged support for solutions, as well as the risks of unofficial branches (fork-versions) of projects. At the event several customers and integrator partners will speak, who are already using these solutions in their organizations and projects, and who will share their accumulated experience, and participants will be able to get answers to their questions firsthand from industry leaders. The following questions and strategies will be discussed at the event:

  • Migration from deployed commercial products to open source solutions
  • Commercial support for Open Source solutions and related concerns (stability of OpenSource solutions, timing and
  • process of solutions integration with existing infrastructure, vendor lock-in avoidance, customization of solutions, etc.)
  • Security and creation of fault-tolerant solutions

and many more.

Victor Larin, COO of Factor Group (Distributor, Competence Center and Technical Support for Open Source solutions in Russia and CIS countries) and one of Summit’s initiator commented:

“We are glad to organize this event, which will demonstrate how the needs of different business spheres in solutions of appropriate level can be satisfied using open source code. There are common myths in corporate industry about the complexity and unpredictability of working with Open Source, which we plan to dispel. We will explain how Open Source solutions can prove useful and efficient for organizations of all sizes”.

A balanced program including analytical reports, presentations, case studies, and solution demonstrations will be offered to attendees.

Event organizers:
Factor Group

Key Contributors
City of Geneva

Target Audience:
CEO, CIO, CDTO, CTO, partners and customers interested in moving from commercial solutions (Microsoft, VmWare, etc.) to OpenSource solutions

Details of the event:
Form of the event: online
Dates: November 10, 2021
Language: English, Russian

Registration and Agenda:
Participants who would like to learn more about the benefits of moving to open source solutions can register at the following link, where they can also learn more about the program:

After the event, all attendees will be given access to presentation materials and videos of the presentations.

Early Bird offer is currently available for all the participants.

  • Till 30 September including, effective price will be 50USD.
  • From 1 to 24 October, effective price will be 100USD.
  • From 2 October, the final price will be 150USD.

Hurry up and reserve your place at our Summit!

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