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on 27 March 2015

Codership further extends relationship with Canonical

Hot on the heels of Codership’s entry to our OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL), Canonical is excited to welcome Codership, creator of database clustering technology Galera, to our Charm Partner Programme.

Canonical’s Charm Partner Programme helps solution providers make best use of Canonical’s cloud orchestration tool, Juju, enabling instant workload deployment, integration, and scaling at the click of a button, Juju makes it easy to deliver complete solutions in minutes, on virtually any public or private cloud.

Codership develops replication and clustering solutions for open source databases, adopting novel ideas from latest DBMS and distributed computing research to build fundamentally new high availability solutions. The company’s flagship product, Codership’s Galera Cluster for MySQL, is synchronous multi-master cluster software, providing high system uptime with no data loss, and scalability for high traffic web businesses and OpenStack.

“The adoption and interest in Codership’s Galera Cluster for MySQL high availability in OpenStack is growing rapidly. Canonical’s Juju Charms offer remarkable ease of use and  reduce the  implementation work needed for OpenStack high availability. The Galera Cluster Juju Charm is currently being tested,  and  will be available in the Charm Store soon,” said Sakari Keskitalo, COO at Codership.

“Codership is  already a valued partner of Canonical’s OpenStack Interoperability Lab, and we are thrilled to further extend our partnership.  We look forward to having the Galera Cluster charm available in the Charm Store,”  said Maarten Ectors, VP of IoT at Canonical.

To learn more about Canonical’s partner progammes please visit

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