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Cloud Chatter: January 2017

James Donner

on 3 February 2017

Welcome to the first edition of 2017. In this issue we showcase what you can expect from us and invite you to meet with us at Mobile World Congress if you’re planning to be in Barcelona. We share our latest eBook on server provisioning and what Network Admins and IT Pros need to know to get ahead of the curve. Read on for informative webinars, videos/tutorials and our involvement at upcoming events. As always we conclude with a roundup of industry news.

Join us at Mobile World Congress

Software is what helps telcos manage their network in an intelligent and automated way. Software is what turns a generic rack of server into a mobile telco, a landline operator or a big data backend. Software is what turns a home hub into an IoT Gateway, a file server or a voice control hub.

This year at Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest annual gathering for the mobile and telco industry, our booth will tell the story of how Ubuntu is at the very center of the world’s software-defined future. Drop by our stand, in Hall P3 – 3K31 to see our OpenStack, Kubernetes, 5G, NFV, network equipment, consumer IoT, enterprise IoT and Phone demos in action.

Alternatively, book a meeting with our executive team to discuss how we can solve your business challenges.

Server provisioning eBook: What Network Admins and IT Pros need to know

Our latest ebook outlines how innovative companies are leveraging Metal-as-a-service (MAAS) to get more out of their hardware investment while making their cloud environments more efficient and reliable. Smart IT pros know that going to the cloud does not mean having to rip and replace their entire infrastructure to take advantage of the opportunities the cloud offers. Canonical’s MAAS is a mature solution to help organisations to take full advantage of their cloud and legacy hardware investments. Download the eBook

Upcoming webinars

Join our OpenStack and Containers Office Hours

We’ve kicked off a series of ‘Office Hours’ online sessions to help community members and customers deploy, manage and scale their Ubuntu-based cloud infrastructure. You can see a snippet of the action below:

Future ‘Office Hours’ sessions will be hosted by senior engineers or product managers from our cloud architecture team and cover a range of topics around OpenStack and containers. Register for Office Hours

Getting Started with the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes

Join us for our upcoming webinar on the 22nd February to learn how to set up your own Kubernetes cluster on Amazon Web Services. We’ll cover initial configuration, installation, and validation. We’ll also cover how to horizontally scale your cluster for future growth, as well as other lifecycle tasks such as upgrades, backups, logging, and monitoring. Sign-up for this webinar

In Other News

Cloud economics – why private open cloud makes financial sense

Watch our latest on-demand webinar, co-presented by QTS, to discover the simplest and most cost-effective approach to hybrid cloud using a highly scalable, fully managed and cost-effective open cloud like Ubuntu OpenStack. Watch now

What IT Directors should know about the economics of OpenStack

OpenStack is a way for organizations to deploy IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions in an open source environment on commodity hardware. Many customers look at OpenStack as an opportunity to reduce the cost of application deployment and management. While it is true, the cost to deploy OpenStack is relatively low, the ongoing investment in maintenance, labor, and operations are not. In fact, labor is one of the most expensive budget items that will undoubtedly continue to rise over time. Read the full blog

Join us for a hands-on workshop at Container World in Santa Clara

Our team are going to be at the Container World event next month delivering some great sessions. The first of which is a hands-on workshop teaching you the differences in container types, how to setup a Kubernetes install, and the vocabulary and common workflows for running containers on Kubernetes. Spaces are limited so register to avoid disappointment. Join us at Container World

Juju Charmer Summit at the Config Management Camp

Join us for the upcoming Juju Charmer Summit, a free, two day event co-located with Config Management Camp, in Gent, Belgium. Enjoy two days of Juju sessions focused around OpenStack, NFV, Big Data, Benchmarking, and Container technologies like Kubernetes and Mesos. Register for the Juju Charmer Summit

Top blog posts from Insights

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OpenStack & NFV

Containers & Storage

Big Data / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

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