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on 3 August 2016

Welcome to the latest issue of Cloud Chatter. This month, don’t miss:

  • An overview of our widely applauded universal “snap” packages launch
  • A fantastic free trial offer for using Ubuntu on POWER8 with IBM’s Softlayer
  • A story about a leading middle eastern telco launching an NFV cloud using OpenStack and Juju
  • Steps on how to leverage LXD and ZFS with Juju 2.0
  • A webinar co-hosted with Riftware on “NFV Orchestration Accelerated by Application Modelling”
  • Our round-up of top blog posts and industry news

New ‘Snap’ packages transform the installation and management of cloud and server applications

Developers from multiple Linux distributions and companies have announced that they are collaborating on the “snap” universal Linux package format, enabling a single binary package to work perfectly and securely on any Linux-based system including cloud and server applications. Installing Jenkins or Cassandra, for example, becomes a single-command exercise on any distribution with snaps.

The Snap format has been welcomed by Linux application vendors. It is a tremendous simplification to publish a snap rather than manage diverse package formats and security update mechanisms across many Linux distributions. Canonical is working with our vendor eco-system at to provide a single publication mechanism for any software in any Linux environment.

If you’d like to discuss how you can use snaps to package your cloud and server applications, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Try Ubuntu on POWER8 for FREE for 30 days

Canonical is collaborating with SoftLayer to offer a 30-day free trial to use the Ubuntu that you love on POWER8! Certified Ubuntu images provide first class security and quality assurance to guarantee the best possible experience on the industry’s leading clouds.

This offer ends soon so don’t delay!

Get Promo Code

In other news

Etisalat builds first NFV telco cloud in the Middle East on Ubuntu OpenStack

Etisalat, the Middle East’s leading telecoms provider, has launched its first live Network Function Virtualization telco cloud in Abu Dhabi. The NFV-based telco infrastructure has been built with Quanta servers, Arista switches and Canonical’s Ubuntu OpenStack, a multi-vendor combination integrated for production for the first time ever globally. Learn more

Webinar: NFV Orchestration Accelerated by Application Modeling

Watch Canonical’s Bill Bauman and Matt Harper,’s Chief Development Officer, discuss how Juju has helped RIFT.ware, a standards-based orchestrator, leverage a model-driven framework to support multiple formats and scale to support massive numbers of VNFs and VMs. Watch on-demand webinar

Juju 2.0 user interface redesign

Juju has been given a brand-new look that makes it even easier to navigate and configure services than ever before. Juju 2.0’s more intuitive integration with the Charms Store makes it simple to select , connect, scale and deploy charms and bundles into a public cloud, OpenStack or on bare metal. Learn more about the Juju 2.0 UI design process

How developers can leverage LXD & ZFS in Juju 2.0

One of the best things about using Juju locally on your laptop is the speed at which you can iterate locally and then push out
to a real cloud. In the upcoming Juju 2.0 you can use LXD and the ZFS for an even faster performing development experience. Learn more about Juju, LXD and ZFS

Meet the Juju community at the next Charmer Summit

We’re proud to announce that we’re ready to have our third Juju Charmers Summit conference, taking place September 12-14 in Pasadena, California, USA. All our charming experts are gathering in one place to help spread charming knowledge and technical networking. Attendees will have access to experts in charming OpenStack, NFV, Big Data, Containers (Swarm, Kubernetes, and Mesos), and Benchmarking. Attendance is free for anyone who wants to participate. Join us in Pasadena!

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