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on 26 March 2024

Charmed MongoDB enters general availability

March 26, 2024: Today, Canonical announced the release of Charmed MongoDB, an enterprise solution for MongoDB® that comes with advanced automation features, multi-cloud capabilities and comprehensive support. 

MongoDB® is one of the most widely used databases worldwide. It provides powerful  capabilities for scaling, consistency and fault tolerance , making it a popular choice for organisations of all sizes and in various industries. Charmed MongoDB is an enterprise drop-in replacement for the MongoDB® Community version with the advanced features organisations need in their production environment.

“As part of our open source data solution portfolio, Charmed MongoDB is designed to meet the demands of modern deployments”, said Cedric Gegout, VP of Product at Canonical. “Organisations can deploy Charmed MongoDB with confidence, knowing they are backed by Canonical’s commitment to performance in any cloud environment, alongside 10 years of support  and security maintenance.”

Hyper-automated MongoDB®, available on any cloud

The Charmed MongoDB operator deploys and runs MongoDB® on physical, virtual machines (VM) and other cloud and cloud-like environments, including AWS, Azure, OpenStack and VMWare.

The solution comes with automation features that simplify the deployment, scaling, design, and management of MongoDB®, ensuring reliability. In addition to these capabilities, Charmed MongoDB offers enterprise-level features such as high availability, sharding, audit logging, backup and restore, user management, and Transport Layer Security (TLS). 

Secured and supported for 10 years

For organisations looking for fast security patching against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), Charmed MongoDB offers comprehensive security maintenance. Canonical’s Charmed MongoDB offers a cost-effective, subscription model that includes 10 years of security maintenance and 24/7 support, providing the stability and peace of mind necessary for organisations to run MongoDB® in production. 

Simple pricing per node

Charmed MongoDB is part of Canonical’s data solutions portfolio. Customers purchase 24/7 or weekday enterprise support on a per-node basis through the Ubuntu Pro + Support plan, which covers  all applications within the portfolio, including Charmed Kafka and Charmed Spark as well as solutions for AI offered by Canonical such as Charmed Kubeflow and Charmed MLFlow.

This convenient subscription per node and lack of software licence fees makes Canonical’s offering compelling for organisations looking to run database solutions like MongoDB® with more control over their TCO. Budgeting and financial planning are straightforward and predictable.

Get started with Charmed MongoDB

To get started with Charmed MongoDB, users can refer to the documentation available at Charmhub. For more information about Charmed MongoDB, visit

Canonical is also delighted to offer Charmed MongoDB training in collaboration with Cloudbase Solutions. This program is designed to help individuals get started with Charmed MongoDB through in-person or virtual training.

Additional resources

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Whitepaper: MongoDB® for enterprise data management

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Learn more about Data Solutions Advisory at Canonical

Trademark Notice

“MongoDB” is a trademark or registered trademark of MongoDB Inc. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Charmed MongoDB is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with MongoDB, Inc.

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