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Felicia Jia
on 10 November 2022

Canonical Presence at RISC-V Summit 2022

RISC-V Summit is a premier annual event that will bring together the RISC-V community for a multi-track conference, tutorials, exhibition, and more. It will be both an in-person event taking place in San Jose and a virtual event from December 12th to December 15th. 

Canonical is proud to sponsor RISC-V Summit again! Welcome to meet us at booth S7 or talk to us at our virtual booth!

Register the event

RISC-V, definition of open computing

Open standards and collaboration are strategic to both hardware and software across industries and geographies. In the last decade, open source and open standards have reshaped our world. RISC-V is the most prolific and open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) in history, which has led the hardware community to embrace open standards and collaboration at this level.

This open ISA enables a new era of processor innovation through open-standard collaboration with rapid industry-wide adoption. To become the industry standard ISA across computing, the RISC-V ISA enables software and hardware design freedom on architecture. The architecture can be applied to a broad range of processors, from low-end microcontrollers to high-end server-grade processors. 

Empowering RISC-V with open source innovation from Ubuntu

RISC-V has a lot of potential and is becoming a competitive ISA in multiple markets. With this premise in mind, porting Ubuntu to RISC-V to become the reference OS for early adopters was a natural choice. 

We are proud to collaborate with RISC-V partners to enable Ubuntu on various RISC-V boards and accelerate the time-to-market by letting the developers focus on their core applications without having to worry about the stability of the underlying operating system. Ubuntu has been enabled on several developer boards such as,  SiFive’s Unmatched, StarFive’s VisionFive, Allwinner’s Nezha, Sipeed’s LicheeRV, and there are more to come! !

Download Ubuntu images for your RISC-V boards now!

Join our presentations

Two presentations from Canonical experts are scheduled throughout the event, please check the details below.

“A Linux distribution’s view on RISC-V”

Delivering a Linux distribution for an architecture in plain development is an exciting journey. The talk describes the challenges and opportunities seen while driving the RISC-V support in Ubuntu forward. We look at how Ubuntu delivers to the different market segments. A focus topic will be packages needed for high-performance networking and storage.

Date & Time: Dec 13th, 2022, 2:15 pm PST

Location: Hall C

Presented by Heinrich Schuchardt , RISC-V Lead Engineer at Canonical

“Democratizing Innovation in Automotive with RISC-V and Open Source”

Over the past years, the mobility industry has been facing rapid disruption. The growing need for efficient, performant, secure, and safe solutions increases the complexity of in-vehicle hardware and software. These trends impact the hardware and software requirements, and the vehicle architecture as a whole. In response, car manufacturers seek to evolve their supply chain and software strategy to enable the creation of reliable and reusable platforms. 

Open hardware standards complemented with industry standards and open source software is a winning combination for creating a vibrant ecosystem primed for innovation. 

This presentation aims to give an introduction to automotive concepts, E/E (electrical/electronic) vehicle architectures, the trends and challenges the industry is currently facing. The speaker will highlight why RISC-V is a perfect solution to a number of those challenges.

Date & Time: Dec 13th, 2022, 3:05 pm PST

Location: Grand Ballroom B

Presented by Gordan Markuš, Silicon Alliances Partner Manager at Canonical

Meet the team

While at the conference, make sure to come to say hi to our team at the Ubuntu booth S7 and discover:

  • Details about the availability of Ubuntu on RISC-V
  • Live demos of Ubuntu running on the latest RISC-V boards
  • Insights into how you can combine RISC V open hardware and Ubuntu open-source software to build any project from within the car to within the cloud.

You will also get access to relevant resources and have the option of discussing your specific needs with members of our RISC-V team.

Book a meeting with us

We hope to see you there!

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