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Serdar Vural
on 8 November 2023

Canonical is proud to announce that it is now a member of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). This highlights our dedication to open source in mobile telecommunications and our continuous commitment to bringing cutting-edge solutions to the sector.

Joining ONF is strategically important for Canonical to further its open source offerings in the open networking domain. With this membership, we aim to deliver our latest open source solutions for automation in software deployment and lifecycle management to the mobile networking community. 

We believe that open source can fill the need for cost effective and secure software solutions in the mobile telecom industry. With our solutions for mobile core and radio access, we are expanding our existing software infrastructure offerings in telecom, further strengthening our presence in this industry.

Bringing automation to 5G mobile networking software

5G system architecture includes a number of components that run as microservices, communicating with each other over well-defined interfaces. It is necessary to have the right set of software configurations and interface settings in place for each software component prior to deployment, so that the mobile network can function as expected. This is a tedious process. Writing scripts, configuration files and deployment charts for each and every microservice and maintaining those files over time is prone to error. It is also a big challenge to manage each software component’s runtime behaviour after deployment, and handle every possible software lifecycle event. 

Canonical’s open source Juju orchestration engine enables teams to deploy, integrate and operate software at any scale and on any infrastructure. With the automation capabilities brought by Juju, Canonical will revolutionise the speed and quality of software operations for ONF’s 5G mobile core and radio access networks. 

Read more about Juju and explore hundreds of operators for open source software at Charmhub.

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Get in touch with us for your telco deployment needs and your transition to open source in mobile networking. Canonical provides a full stack for your telecom infrastructure. To learn more about our telco solutions, visit our webpage at

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