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on 27 June 2023

Canonical Joins Eclipse Adoptium Working Group to Strengthen Commitment to Open Source Java Runtimes

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is thrilled to announce its membership of the Eclipse Adoptium Working Group. As an esteemed project under the Eclipse Foundation, the Adoptium Working Group brings together renowned OpenJDK builders and distributors such as Alibaba, Azul, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, Rivos, and, most recently, Google. Through membership of the working  group, Canonical is strengthening its dedication to  making the Java toolchain a first-class solution on Ubuntu, while providing open-source licensed, free-to-use, and high-quality builds of OpenJDK.

The Eclipse Adoptium Working Group is a collaborative platform that fosters innovation and promotes the development and distribution of Java toolchains based on the OpenJDK project. By joining forces with like-minded entities within the Java ecosystem, Canonical will continue to advance, promote and disseminate high-quality toolchains and related technologies across the Java community.

As a member of the Eclipse Adoptium Working Group, Canonical will actively contribute its expertise to strengthen the Java toolchain on Ubuntu, ensuring that application developers, middleware developers, DevOps teams, and enterprise customers have access to reliable and performant Java runtimes. Canonical aims to shape the future of Java technology, promoting compatibility, security, and seamless integration within the Ubuntu ecosystem.

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