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Maciej Mazur
on 16 February 2022

Visit us from 9AM to 6PM (CET) in our Executive Room (Hall 2.1)

MWC Barcelona is the world’s most influential exhibition for the connectivity industry. Since open source software is a key component of innovation and technology improvements in that space we will be there as well. Ubuntu is the most popular linux operating system but our scope extends far beyond the OS itself. VNF and CNF infrastructure with OpenStack and Kubernetes. Bare metal automation with MAAS. Key, telco specific open source projects like OpenRAN, Magma, OSM, OMEC and others are also part of the Canonical story, as we are trusted, carrier grade distributor of open source in telco.

Before MWC starts I would like to direct your attention to some hot topics we will be talking about in Barcelona, and invite you to our telco community so that your voice is heard and taken into consideration.

Mobile World Congress – hot topics

Security of software supply chain

Memory of Log4j vulnerability allowing remote code execution (CVE-2021-44228) is still fresh. However this is only a single logging library. Every new network functions comes with hundreds or thousands dependencies. They are all a possible vector of attack and need to be inventorized and patched fast. That’s why we see a growth in terms of SBOM (software bill of materials) usage. Our partners already benefit from Canonical being the single point of contact and conduit for all open source software needs, and you can as well.

Secure software supply chain

Composable infrastructures

With 5G rollouts, OpenRAN deployments and more business use cases integrated into mobile networks there is a need for repeatable and automated to instantiate, manage and re-configure distributed infrastructure. This needs to happen without ignoring special needs of telco workloads. Real-time kernel, SR-IOV, DPDK, CPU pinning, NUMA, various accelerators like GPUs, FPGAs and Smart-NICs needs to be available for the workloads. Canonical is solving this problems through all layers of the stack: bare metal, OS, VM, container and serverless.

Composable infrastructure

Advancing AI/ML in telco

We also firmly believe that there is more to be done with regards to infrastructure automation. We can already achieve amazing things with juju and JAAS, allowing us to use the same tooling for deployment, day1 and day2 operations on multiple different substrates. Now we are integrating this capabilities into the brains of the telecom network – SON, RIC, OSS – all provide different capabilities into AI/ML driven infrastructure management. By connecting them with Juju and MAAS you can achieve infrastructure that reconfigures itself, based on user needs, in a fully automated manner.


Canonical will show how to create, manage and operate distributed compute pools with open source solutions. They can serve as your OpenRAN infrastructure, your MEC platform with EPA capabilities or private mobile network base.

This demo will include components like Ubuntu, MAAS, LXD, MicroK8s, Magma Core as well as our partners solutions like Spectro Cloud.

In addition to that we will show how Anbox Cloud is used to build end user services by tier 1 mobile operators. 

Stay tuned for more news from Canonical – trusted, carrier grade distributor of open source in telco

If you want to read more on how to build modern telecom infrastructure in the open source way check this Telecom infra whitepaper

Book your meeting slot here: 

Infrastructure for all use cases

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