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Hugo Huang
on 27 March 2024

Canonical at Google Next – What you need to know

Google Next is making its way to Las Vegas, and Ubuntu is joining the journey. As a proud sponsor, Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu , invites you to join us at the event and visit booth #252 in the Mandalay Bay Expo Hall. As one of the most popular Linux operating systems, Canonical is dedicated to providing commercial support and driving open source innovation across a diverse range of industries and applications. Stop by and learn more about how Canonical and GCP are collaborating to empower businesses with secure and scalable solutions for their cloud computing needs. 

Ubuntu ‘Show you’re a Pro’ Challenge: Find and patch the vulnerabilities and earn awesome swag!

Are you an Ubuntu Pro? Test your skills at our booth! Sit down at our workstation and discover any unpatched vulnerabilities on the machine. Showcase your expertise by securing the system completely, and receive exclusive swag as a token of our gratitude.

Security maintenance for your full software stack

At Canonical, security is paramount. Ubuntu Pro offers a solution to offload security and compliance concerns for your open source stack, allowing you to concentrate on building and managing your business. Serving as an additional layer of services atop every Ubuntu LTS release, Ubuntu Pro ensures robust protection for your entire software stack, encompassing over 30,000 open source packages. Say farewell to fragmented security measures; Canonical provides a holistic approach, delivering  security and support through a unified vendor. Additionally, relish the assurance of vendor-backed SLA support for open source software, providing peace of mind for your operations.

Confidential computing across clouds

Confidential computing is a revolutionary technology that disrupts the conventional threat model of public clouds. In the past, vulnerabilities within the extensive codebase of the cloud’s privileged system software, including the operating system and hypervisor, posed a constant risk to the confidentiality and integrity of code and data in operation. Likewise, unauthorized access by a cloud administrator could compromise the security of your virtual machine (VM). 

Ubuntu Confidential VMs (CVMs) on Google Cloud offer enhanced security for your workloads by utilizing hardware-protected Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). With the broadest range of CVMs available, Ubuntu enables users on Google Cloud to benefit from the cutting-edge security features of AMD 4th Gen EPYC processors with SEV-SNP and Intel Trust Domain Extensions (Intel TDX).

Scale your AI projects with open source tooling

Empower your organization with Canonical’s AI solutions. We specialize in the automation of machine learning workloads on any environment, whether private or public cloud, or hybrid or multi cloud. We provide an end-to-end MLOps solution to develop and deploy models in a secure, reproducible, and portable manner that seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack. Let us help you unlock the full potential of AI.

Join Us at Google Next 2024

Mark your calendars and make plans to visit Canonical at Google Cloud Next 2024. Whether you’re seeking cutting-edge solutions for cloud computing, robust security measures for your software stack, or innovative AI tools to propel your organization forward, our team will be on hand to offer insights, demonstrations, and personalized consultations to help you harness the power of open source technology for your business. Join us at booth #252 to discover how Canonical and Ubuntu can elevate your digital journey. See you there!

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