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on 9 February 2022

Canonical and CoreSpace Announce Partnership To Offer Organizations ‘One-Stop Shopping’ for Private Clouds

With Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack and Charmed Kubernetes and CoreSpace’s Infrastructure Solutions, Enterprises Can Easily and Economically Move Forward in Their Cloud Journeys

February, 8th 2022 — Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, and CoreSpace, a leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, announced a partnership today that makes it easier and more economical for organizations to set up, customize, and manage private clouds.

Hybrid or multi-cloud environments that allow organizations to run workloads where it makes the most sense have become common in the modern enterprise. Because private workloads remain essential for most companies, high-performing private clouds are playing a critical role in their containerisation, cloud, and digital transformation strategies.

The Canonical-CoreSpace alliance enables organizations to adopt and get the most out of private clouds. It does this through an end-to-end solution that combines Canonical’s leadership in designing, building, operating, and supporting private clouds with CoreSpace’s infrastructure technology and expertise. With the announcement, CoreSpace becomes Canonical’s first cloud delivery partner in the United States.

For one price, the package combines Canonical’s Charmed OpenStack and Charmed Kubernetes technology for ensuring private cloud price performance and lifecycle automation with CoreSpace’s infrastructure and colocation capabilities – all backed by one of the most comprehensive support packages in the industry.

“Think of this as a one-stop shop that offers organizations an enterprise-strength private cloud without having to spend big enterprise dollars,” said Mark Wulff, CoreSpace founder, and Chief Operating officer. “By working with us, customers can have a mini-AWS or Azure that provides everything they need to derive huge value from private clouds, with none of the headaches, and that can grow with them.”

“Canonical is on a mission to eliminate the friction of cloud infrastructure adoption and streamline operating a cloud-first enterprise, making it as easy and cost-effective as possible,” said Michael Iatrou, Director of Field Engineering, Canonical. “The partnership with CoreSpace is a perfect fit for our strategy to provide an  integrated multi-cloud experience with unparalleled price, performance, lifecycle automation, and that meets the highest security, stability, and quality standards.”

Find out how this one-stop-shop offers organizations an enterprise-strength private cloud without having to spend big enterprise dollars in our upcoming webinar.

About Canonical

Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, the leading OS for container, cloud, and hyperscale computing. Most public cloud workloads use Ubuntu, as do most new smart gateways, switches, self-driving cars and advanced robots. Canonical provides enterprise security, support, and services to commercial users of Ubuntu. Established in 2004, Canonical is a privately held company.

About CoreSpace

Founded in 2009 and headquartered out of their private data center in Dallas, TX, CoreSpace is a leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS/PaaS) provider featuring fully-managed OpenStack, Kubernetes and cloud solutions. The company specializes in providing clients with high-performance, flexible, robust future-proof infrastructure that sets them up for long-term value and a competitive advantage.

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