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Andreea Munteanu
on 24 October 2023

AI Day in Latin America: Meet us in São Paulo

Date: 21-22 November 2023

Where: Rubaiyat, São Paulo, brazil

The Canonical AI Roadshow is heading to Latin America. We will stop in Sao Paolo, Brazil, to host an event focusing on artificial intelligence. We’ll be discussing machine learning operations (MLOps), large language models (LLMs) and open source among other hot topics. 

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AI in Latin America

Artificial intelligence is a sector rapidly growing across the world. According to The Economist , the GDP of countries in Latin America is expected to grow by 5.4% by 2030. The public sector is set to benefit most from the technology to solve some of the systemic challenges affecting the region. Countries like Brazil and Colombia recognise the potential and have developed strategies to accelerate AI adoption. 

Canonical AI Roadshow in São Paulo

AI Day is an event that Canonical hosts for organisations interested in forging their AI strategy and adopting the latest technologies. Our team of experts will introduce you to exciting topics such as large language models (LLMs), MLOps and open source. From getting started and identifying use cases to discussing challenges to doing AI at scale.

Topics we will cover during AI day:

  • How Canonical built an end-to-end solution to run AI at scale
  • How Canonical collaborates with partners to help enterprises kickstart and take their AI projects to production
  • Canonical MLOps and future plans
  • Common challenges to AI adoption at scale
  • AI use cases within different industries

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Canonical AI Roadshow

Canonical AI Roadshow is a series of events that will highlight AI use cases powered by open source software. The roadshow will take us around the globe between mid-September and mid-November to talk about the latest innovations from the industry, demo some of the most exciting use cases on generative AI, answer questions about AI, MLOps, big data and more.

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Read more about Canonical AI Roadshow.

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