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Rhys Davies
on 27 August 2021

Winners of the 21.10 Wallpaper competition

Congratulations to our winners! With over 200 submissions and several hundred voters, the competition was tough. But, the votes are in, and here are the winning wallpapers. The first two make it into the official release 21.10 image and are automatically entered into the runnings for 22.04. The other eight you see here will be celebrated over on our social media channels and if there’s space in the image, they’ll get a look in too. The original winning submissions and all of the others are still available on Discourse, but voting has now closed.

What we learned

For the next competition, we’re going to have to be a little stricter with rules. I’m sad to report that among the top 10 were images without attribution that, when we checked their legitimacy using a reverse google image search, were revealed to not be submitted by their proper owners as the rules require. So, next time, we’re thinking of adding a buffer between voting closing and announcing the winners, and reaching out to the winners individually if there is concern about their image.

For the most part, all of the images followed the rules and were wonderful. Thank you again to everyone who submitted <3

We’re also going to look into a way to add preference/weighting to the voting. This time around people could vote for 10, each with the same level of preference. I don’t think it would affect the results significantly, I think all of the winners here are great! But it would interesting to see if it would change to order to have people rank their 10 selections.

Photo by Joshua Golde on Unsplash

Thank you

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted an image and to everyone who voted this last week. We intend to do this all again in six months for the next release, Ubuntu 22.04. And we hope to see even more submissions and votes next time.

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