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Aaron Prisk
on 21 June 2023

Why you should attend the Ubuntu Summit

We are very excited about the upcoming Ubuntu Summit 2023! This year, we’ll be gathering in the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia, from November 3rd-5th.

There are many reasons to attend the Ubuntu Summit, including electrifying talks from industry leaders, invigorating hands-on workshops, and a unique opportunity to network with like-minded people from across the open-source world.

Are you a new Linux user looking to make a difference? How about an industry leader changing the landscape of technology with your revolutionary open-source project? No matter where you fit, the Ubuntu Summit is an event for you! But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what folks who attended last year’s event had to say about their Summit experience:

“I had a fantastic time attending Ubuntu Summit 2022. It was wonderful to meet so many folks from the community, and deeply engage with them to get a wider understanding of the activities in this open source space! There were so many opportunities to sign up to give a talk, attend workshops, learn, meet others and so much more.”

~ Craig Loewen – Microsoft

“The Ubuntu Summit in 2022 was a fantastic opportunity to meet old friends from the Ubuntu community and make some new friends. The opportunity to discuss project plans with other community contributors and members of the technical teams at Canonical was energising and cleared the way for work to get done.”

~ Martin Wimpress – Determinate Systems

“We had a great experience in Prague, recording in front of a live audience and being able to connect with the people in the room. It made for a very special episode!”

~ Linux Lads Podcast

“Ubuntu Summit 2022 provided a collaborative space for users from different domains to intersect and learn about other Ubuntu communities. We enjoyed presenting what we have been working on in the HPC space, and even more enjoyed meeting other like-minded community members and hearing their stories. Can’t wait for 2023!”

~ James Beedy and Matheus Tosta – Omnivector

“Attending Ubuntu Summit 2022 was an immersive and intense experience. I’m a Python developer and have been using Ubuntu as my only OS since its earliest versions. In the Ubuntu Summit I have found a great synergy between the Ubuntu community and many other communities around the world.”

~ Paolo Melchiorre – CTO at 20tab

“Attending the Ubuntu Summit 2022 in Prague was definitely worth it. One of these rare opportunities where you can find people from across the FOSS spectrum and a great occasion to discuss and coordinate for a better sum of efforts.”

~ Aleix Pol – KDE

“As a GNOME developer, I felt that the Ubuntu Summit truly acknowledged the significance of our collective efforts, along with those of other projects, in contributing to Ubuntu’s success. The event provided valuable opportunities for cross-project collaboration by fostering an environment where developers from different backgrounds could come together, share ideas, and work towards common goals.”

~ Felipe Borges – GNOME

“When I attended the 2022 Ubuntu Summit, I did so from the viewpoint of someone who has only been involved in the desktop portion of it. The summit opened my eyes to all the ways Ubuntu could be, and has been used. I was impressed with the robotics presentations, seeing first-hand how Ubuntu is being used to create music and art, and hearing about Ubuntu in ways I never thought of in industrial settings – things I don’t think of or experience on a day to day basis. Oftentimes, there was a difficult decision on which presentation to attend. However, the part I loved most of all was seeing the community. There were so many members from all over the world, with different projects and goals. Yet, we were all interested in the details and success of everybody else, offering help where they could. I left with a feeling that despite being involved in different ways, we are all in fact the same team.”

~ Sam Lane – Ubuntu Budgie

“I was pleased to be invited as a speaker. Met number of nice people who I knew only from online interactions. The Flutter workshop I did was my very first public speaking in English so I was a bit nervous. In the end it wasn’t that bad as the folks were supportive. The other talks and workshops were interesting. There was a chance to control robots and to create drawings using raspberry pi. Overall the venue, atmosphere, interactions with other Ubuntu people from all over the world was really something I enjoyed very much.”

~ Michał Prędotka – Sonel

Register for the Ubuntu Summit

Convinced? Register for the Summit today!

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to influence the event by submitting your talk and workshop proposals. Join us in Riga and show us how your open-source project is going to change the world!

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