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Alan Pope
on 19 June 2019

A little later than usual, we’ve collected some of the snaps which crossed our “desk” (Twitter feed) during May 2019. Once again, we bring you a suite of diverse applications published in the Snap Store. Take a look down the list, and discover something new today.

Cloudmonkey (cmk) is a CLI and interactive shell that simplifies configuration and management of Apache CloudStack, the opensource IAAS cloud computing platform.

snap install cloudmonkey

Got a potato gaming computer? You can still ‘game’ on #linux with Vitetris right in your terminal! Featuring configurable keys, high-score table, multi (2) player mode and joystick support! Get your Pentomino on today!

snap install vitetris

If you’re seeking a comprehensive and easy to use #MQTT client for #Linux then look no further than MQTT Explorer.

snap install mqtt-explorer

Azimuth is a metroidvania game, with vector graphics. Azimuth is inspired by such as the Metroid series (particularly Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion), SketchFighter 4000 Alpha, and Star Control II (a.k.a. The Ur-Quan Masters).

snap install azimuth

Familiar with Excel? Then you’ll love Banana Accounting’s intuitive, all-in-one spreadsheet-inspired features. Upgrade your bookkeeping with brilliant planning & fast invoicing. Journals, balance sheets, profit & loss, liquidity, VAT, and more!

snap install banana-accounting

Remember ICQ? We do! The latest release of the popular chat application is available for #Linux as an official snap! Dust off your ID and password, and get chatting like it’s 1996!

snap install icq-im

Déjà Dup hides the complexity of backing up your system. Déjà Dup is a handy tool, with support for local, remote and cloud locations, scheduling and desktop integration.

snap install deja-dup

Ktorrent is a fast, configurable BitTorrent, with UDP tracker support, protocol encryption, IP filtering, DHT, and more. Now available as a snap.

snap install ktorrent

Fast is a minimal zero-dependency utility for testing your internet download speed from terminal.

snap install fast

No matter which Linux distribution you use, browse the Snap Store directly from your desktop. View details about snaps, read and write reviews and manage snap permissions in one place.

snap install snap-store

Krita is the full-featured digital art studio. The latest release is now available in the Snap Store.

snap install krita

From Silicon Graphics machines to modern-day PCs, BZFlag has seen them all. This 3D online multiplayer tank game blends nostalgia with fun. Now available as a snap.

snap install bzflag

That’s all for this month. Keep up to date with Snapcraft on Twitter for more updates! Also, join the community over on the Snapcraft forum to discuss anything you’ve seen here.

Header image by Alex Basov on Unsplash

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