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Philip Williams
on 26 May 2022

Charmed Ceph and Hybrid Clouds at Cephalocon 2022

UPDATE: Cephalocon 2022 has been postponed

In just a few weeks Cephalocon will be held in Portland at the Oregon Convention Center, as well as online for those unable to travel.  After a pandemic induced hiatus, this will be the first gathering of Ceph developers and users in 3 years.

Among the attendees, you will be able to meet the Canonical team, and be able to discuss the benefits of using Charmed Ceph for all of your storage needs, in private clouds, stand-alone, and cloud-adjacent settings.

Ceph in a model-driven world

Canonical Product Manager Phil Williams will be delivering a lightning talk discussing Model-Driven operations and how Juju and Charms can be used to reduce administrative effort and operational risk on Tuesday 12th July at 14:30 PDT.

Ceph for public cloud workloads

Canonical Product Manager Phil Williams will also present a longer talk on how Ceph remains relevant in a world that is increasingly dominated by public clouds.  He will explain how Ceph can be deployed in a cost-effective manner adjacent to public clouds, and explain the financial implications of both approaches.  Tuesday 12th July at 17:10PDT.

Ceph, TCMalloc, and the Linux kernel

Sustaining Engineers Dan Hill and Mauricio Faria de Oliveira will be delivering a technical presentation, exploring the root cause analysis of transient checksum errors and covering interactions between Ceph, TCMalloc and the Linux Kernel, on Wednesday 13th July at 16:50 PDT.

Learn more

You can find out more about Ubuntu Charmed Ceph here.
For more details on Cephalocon, and to sign up please see the event page here.

We look forward to seeing you there, if you would like to arrange a specific meeting at Cephalocon please get in touch.

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