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Felipe Vanni
on 12 March 2024

Canonical, a leading advocate for open-source technology, is excited to announce its participation in the HPE Tech Jam 2024, set to take place in Atlanta and Vienna. This prestigious event will convene presales consultants and enterprise architects to delve into groundbreaking strategies powered by HPE’s edge-to-cloud workload solutions and products.

Promoting Open Source Technology

Canonical’s sponsorship of the Tech Jam event underscores its steadfast dedication to promoting open-source technology within the tech industry. This event serves as a prime opportunity for the company to showcase its innovative solutions, forge connections with like-minded professionals, and explore potential collaborations. Attendees can anticipate gaining invaluable insights into open-source solutions and their potential to drive business growth.

What to Expect from Canonical at the Tech Jam?

As a Silver sponsor of the event, Canonical will present its cutting-edge open-source solutions designed to foster innovation and cost savings for businesses. Visitors to Canonical’s booth can engage in interactive games demonstrating the significance of securing open-source applications.

Canonical’s participation in the event will offer attendees insights into various open-source solutions and their application in driving innovation and growth. Key highlights include:

AI by Canonical

  • Take you models to production with open source MLOps platforms
  • Run AI at scale with Canonical and Nvidia
  • Ensure security of the entire AI open source development environment

Ubuntu Pro

  • Why Ubuntu security matters
  • Why DevSecOps security matters

Open Source Cloud

  • A strategy to transition away from VMware  
  • A full open source solution for new and developing customers
  • Delivered as a service with Greenlake Flex Solutions
  • MicroCloud – a composable and flexible solution to future-proof any edge computing deployment

Canonical’s presence at HPE Tech Jam underscores its unwavering commitment to promoting the adoption of open-source solutions in the tech industry. The event provides an ideal platform for Canonical to engage with industry professionals, spotlight its innovative products, and advocate for the benefits of open-source technology worldwide.

About the Canonical and HPE Partnership

Canonical and HPE boast a longstanding partnership aimed at delivering comprehensive open-source solutions spanning infrastructure to cutting-edge, secure, cloud-native MLOps platforms. Together, they assist customers in achieving significant cost savings, optimizing operations, and enhancing performance while prioritizing top-notch security for both physical and virtual environments.

Canonical’s participation in HPE Tech Jam 2024 promises to be a milestone in advancing open-source technology and fostering collaboration within the tech community. Stay tuned for updates on Canonical’s innovative contributions at the event!

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