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on 6 April 2023

Canonical presence at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023

Canonical, the publishers of Ubuntu, will have a strong presence at this year’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe as a platinum sponsor. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship will once again bring together adopters and technologists from leading open-source and cloud-native communities worldwide to meet in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from April 18th – 21st. 

Canonical’s main activities at the conference will include:


Charmed Kubernetes and Ubuntu Pro close the gap in container security

Ubuntu Pro, the new subscription for Ubuntu, has been released with powerful new features that are complimentary for end-users looking to secure their Kubernetes workloads and underlying operating systems. Ubuntu Pro includes advanced security features, including automated patching and kernel updates, as well as enhanced support and maintenance options. 

Users can also take advantage of Ubuntu Pro’s powerful customization capabilities, including the ability to create custom images and configurations to suit their specific needs.

When combined with MicroK8s, the zero-ops, Kubernetes from Canonical, and its powerful strict confinement functionality, it makes for a compelling offering for those looking to move closer to full stack security.

MicroK8s FIPS in early access

Canonical plans to showcase the latest release of MicroK8s, which now supports the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) security standard developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to ensure the security and integrity of sensitive data. This new feature means that MicroK8s can now be used in environments where FIPS compliance is required, such as government agencies and financial institutions.

Canonical’s commitment to security and compliance has always been a top priority. The addition of FIPS support is a testament to this commitment while also providing the best Kubernetes experience for its users.

MicroK8s AWS Appliance is now generally available

MicroK8s, the lightweight Kubernetes distribution from Canonical, is now available as a new appliance on the AWS Marketplace. This integration makes it easy for AWS users to deploy and manage MicroK8s on Amazon Web Services.

With MicroK8s available on the AWS Marketplace, users can quickly and easily launch and manage their Kubernetes clusters on AWS. The integration will provide a seamless experience for developers and IT teams who rely on Kubernetes for their applications. Canonical’s partnership with AWS Marketplace will provide users with more options for deploying and scaling their Kubernetes workloads on Amazon Web Services. This will benefit companies looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to run their applications on Kubernetes.

VM to Container workload migration with Charmed Kubernetes

Canonical will also announce the availability of a new charm for Kubevirt. Kubevirt is an open-source virtualization solution that enables the deployment of virtual machines on Kubernetes clusters. With the new Kubevirt charm, Charmed Kubernetes users can now easily deploy and manage Kubevirt on their Kubernetes clusters.

Kubevirt is a powerful virtualization solution that enables users to deploy and manage virtual machines in the same way as containers. With Kubevirt, users can run legacy workloads on Kubernetes, which is particularly useful for organizations that are in the process of migrating from legacy infrastructure to Kubernetes.

Canonical’s commitment to open-source and interoperability is reflected in the company’s investment in the Kubevirt charm. By adding support for Kubevirt, Charmed Kubernetes users can access an even wider range of tools and solutions for their Kubernetes workloads.

Keynotes and Presentations 

Keynote: MLOps on Highly Sensitive Data – Strict Confinement, Confidential Computing, and Tokenization Protecting Privacy – Maciej Mazur, Principal AI/ML Engineer, Canonical & Andreea Munteanu, AI/ML Product Manager, Canonical

Thursday, April 20 • 10:05 – 10:20

Building a Kubernetes Experimentation Platform with OpenFeature; Enabling Organisations to Put Theory Into Practice – Alexander Simon Jones, Canonical

Thursday, April 20 • 16:30 – 17:05

The 6th Edition of Operator Day

Software operators are crucial in the Kubernetes landscape. An operator encapsulates the knowledge and expertise of a real-world operations team and codifies it into a dedicated piece of software. Before the introduction of Kubernetes, Canonical had started to apply operators to any application running on metal or VMs. Today, the generalised operator pattern implemented by Canonical meets all deployment scenarios at scale with a fully open-source-based platform: Juju, the Charmed Operator Framework.

Canonical’s widely attended Operator Day is back for its 6th edition. Held on the first day of KubeCon 2023 week, Monday, 17 April 2023, the event will be entirely virtual, and attendees can dial in from anywhere and see the presentations where software operators have been applied successfully across the entire stack: on VMs, private clouds, public clouds or in a multi-cloud scenario.

To register for free, go to Operator Day Page.

Want to learn more? Please stop by booth P15, located next to Dell,  to speak to our experts and check out our Demos.

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