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36 posts from April 2021

Taming unruly logo sections

By Lyubomir Popov, 30 April 2021

Making logo sections can be tricky. Logos come in all shapes and sizes, and without proper care, it is easy to end up with a poorly balanced layout. The...

Design and Web team summary – 27 April 2021

By Anthony Dillon, 27 April 2021

The web team at Canonical run two-week iterations building and maintaining all of Canonical websites and product web interfaces. Here are some of the...

Ubuntu in the wild – 27th of April 2021

By Leia Ruffini, 27 April 2021

The Ubuntu in the wild blog post ropes in the latest highlights about Ubuntu and Canonical around the world on a bi-weekly basis.

Easily deploy and manage Mattermost on Kubernetes with the new Juju charmed operator

By Canonical, 27 April 2021

Introducing the Juju Charms Operator for Mattermost seamless application upgrades and supported features on Linux and Windows. We’re excited to announce our...

ROS ESM: 15 things you need to know

By Gabriel Aguiar Noury, 26 April 2021

With the announcement of Robot Operating System (ROS) Expanded Security Maintenance (ESM), we have received many questions from people in the robotics...

OpenStack CentOS alternatives:

7 reasons to migrate to Ubuntu

By Tytus Kurek, 26 April 2021

Looking for OpenStack CentOS alternatives after recent changes in the CentOS project? Think Ubuntu – the most popular Linux distribution for OpenStack...

What is KFServing?

By Rui Vasconcelos, 23 April 2021

TL;DR: KFServing is a novel cloud-native multi-framework model serving tool for serverless inference. A bit of history KFServing was born as part of the...

Better snap metadata handling coming your way soon

By Igor Ljubuncic, 23 April 2021

Open the Snap Store, click on any application you like – you will now see a page full of useful tidbits – screenshots and videos, application description,...

Fintech AI/ML on Ubuntu

By Kris Sharma, 23 April 2021

The financial services (FS) industry is going through a period of change and disruption. Technology innovation has provided the means for financial...

Ubuntu Server 21.04:

What’s new?

By Tytus Kurek, 23 April 2021

Ubuntu Server 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) brings significant improvements to automation and stability fronts with new extensions to the Ubuntu Server Live Installer...

Onboarding and orchestrating network functions with Open Source MANO (OSM)

By Wajeeha Hamid, 22 April 2021

Do I need to orchestrate my network functions? Well, the answer depends on the price-performance assumptions of your infrastructure and workloads.  It seems...

Ubuntu 21.04 is here

By Canonical, 22 April 2021

Ubuntu 21.04 is here, with native Microsoft Active Directory integration, performance optimization and joint support for Microsoft SQL Server on Ubuntu.

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