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18 posts from September 2019

Design and Web team summary –27 September 2019

By Peter Mahnke, 30 September 2019

This was a fairly busy two weeks for the Web & design team at Canonical.  The first week was spent at an Engineering Sprint in Paris France. The second week...

Digest #2019.09.30 – Making the Most of Machine Learning

By anaqvi, 30 September 2019

Understanding Fairness in Machine Learning – This article is a great reminder and defense for the statement, “the data speaks for itself.” Biases in training...

Easy Linux Game Streaming with OBS

By Alan Pope, 26 September 2019

For many, watching other people play games has long taken over from TV as the favoured source of entertainment content. As a creator, whether you stream via...

Deploying Kubernetes Locally – MicroK8s

By anaqvi, 25 September 2019

This is the second part of our introduction to MicroK8s. In the previous blog, we introduced MicroK8s, went over some K8s basic concepts and showed you how...

Digest #2019.09.23 – Machine Learning is the word…

By anaqvi, 23 September 2019

MLOps, Rise of the Term: Most of us by now have heard this word frequenting around; MLOps, or Machine Learning Operations.. This is an interesting article on...

Popular snaps per distro

By Igor Ljubuncic, 19 September 2019

From a distance, Linux is one big, confusing ball of passionate users and hardcore technical jargon. But as you zoom in, you can start seeing patterns – and...

Announcing the new IBM LinuxONE III with Ubuntu

By Guest, 18 September 2019

This is a guest blog by Kara Todd, Director, Linux, IBM Z and LinuxONE Enterprises today need a highly secure, and flexible system to support their...

Kubernetes 1.16 available from Canonical

By Canonical, 18 September 2019

Canonical announces full enterprise support for Kubernetes 1.16, with support covering Charmed Kubernetes, MicroK8s and kubeadm. MicroK8s will be updated with...

Design and Web team summary – 17 September 2019

By Anthony Dillon, 17 September 2019

This was a fairly busy two weeks for the Web & design team at Canonical.  Here are some of the highlights of our completed work. Web squad Web is the squad...

Introduction to MicroK8s

By anaqvi, 16 September 2019

Every developer, systems admin and tech enthusiast is interested in learning Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a complex container orchestration tool that can be...

Digest #2019.09.16 – The State of AI and ML

By anaqvi, 16 September 2019

Machine Learning and AI in 2019: A recent survey conducted by Dresner Advisory Services shows Machine Learning and AI to rank as highest priority for...

Hardware discovery and kernel auto-configuration in MAAS

By Andres Rodriguez, 12 September 2019

In this blog, we are going to explore how to leverage MAAS for hardware discovery and kernel auto-configuration using tags. In many cases, certain pieces of...

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