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Innovate faster with big data and AI

Your big data has big ambitions. Stay lean and augment decision-making everywhere with Canonical's open source big data and AI solutions.

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Use big data and AI to transform how you lead your business

Mastering data management is key to succeed in today's information economy but gaining actionable insights from your data is even more important.

Canonical enables you to build a scalable AI factory with reliable infrastructure, database automation and modular MLOps.

Our solutions enable advanced analytics in every industry:

  • Build a data hub for data-driven decision making
  • Run predictive models for algorithmic trading in financial services
  • Optimise KYC processes for fraud detection
  • Process data at the edge to increase telco network efficiency
  • Deliver AI models for self-driving cars and driver assistance
  • Build large language models to drive productivity

Why Canonical for big data and AI?

  • Focus on business outcomes and simplify operations
  • Scale your workloads with predictable pricing per node
  • Run workloads on your infrastructure of choice
  • Backed by 10 years of enterprise-grade security and support

Predictable economics for big data and AI projects

Canonical offers simple pricing per node to get security maintenance and support for all your open source AI and big data tools. Runtimes, database software and MLOps solutions included.

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Simplify database operations to focus more on your models

Our database solutions come with advanced features for scaling, security, and observability. Ideal for data teams that want to focus more on business value rather than operations.

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Build cloud-agnostic AI pipelines

Accelerate hardware provisioning with public clouds while running the most sensitive workloads in private environments.

Canonical solutions support hybrid, multi-cloud environments so you can run your databases and AI tooling on any infrastructure and optimise resource allocation. GPU support on public clouds and on-premise included.

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What customers say

"We needed a cloud solution that was stable, reliable and performant. Canonical allowed us to do this by helping to design and deploy our cloud — and they helped us do this quickly."

Peter BlainDirector, Product and AI Firmus

Made to run across private and public clouds

DGX-certified MLOps and Kubernetes

Speed up model training for your AI projects and improve workload performance with DGX-ready distributions for Kubeflow and Kubernetes.

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Full-stack infrastructure to operate at scale

Agile data centres and edge environments

Advanced solutions for high uptime infrastructure at every scale and every area of compute, backed by stringent security and compliance. From private clouds at the edge to large-scale data centres.

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Made for cloud-native development

CNCF-compliant Kubernetes helps keep your AI workloads portable between the cloud and on-premise. Ideal for hybrid deployment scenarios or cloud workload repatriation.

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