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20 posts from December 2023

We wish you RISC-V holidays!

By Igor Ljubuncic, 21 December 2023

There are three types of computer users: the end user, the system administrator, and the involuntary system administrator. As it happens, everyone has found...

Missed Operator Day at KubeCon NA 2023? – Catch the Replay!

By Michael C. Jaeger, 21 December 2023

If you missed Operator Day, we have good news: starting January 4th, we will present weekly on-demand events week covering the presentations step by step.

Ubuntu Confidential VMs on Azure: Introducing Ephemeral OS disks & vTPMs

By ijlal-loutfi, 19 December 2023

Canonical introduces ephemeral vTPMs for Ubuntu Confidential VMs on Azure, Strengthening remote attestation. Explore the evolution of confidential computing,...

Still running SQL Server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS ?

By Mohamed Wadie Nsiri, 19 December 2023

Running SQL Server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS? If so, this blog is for you to evaluate options to avoid compromising the security of your data Houston,...

Canonical and Intel’s strategic collaboration brings you confidential computing with Intel® TDX on Ubuntu

By Canonical, 14 December 2023

Ensuring data security at run-time has long been an open computing challenge and a tough problem to solve. This gap arises because data must be decrypted in...

Canonical Kubernetes 1.29 is now generally available

By Marcin "Perk" Stożek, 14 December 2023

A new upstream Kubernetes release, 1.29, is generally available, with significant new features and bugfixes. Canonical closely follows upstream development,...

Performance engineering on Ubuntu leaps forward with frame pointers by default in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

By Oliver Smith, 13 December 2023

Today Canonical is raising the bar for performance and observability by enabling frame pointers by default in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

Canonical joins the OpenAirInterface
Software Alliance

By Canonical, 13 December 2023

Canonical announced today that it has joined the board of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) as a Strategic Member. By working together, both...

Optimising Ubuntu performance on amd64 architecture

By Michael Hudson-Doyle, 12 December 2023

Everyone wants the Linux distribution they are using to be fast. This is practically a content-free statement, of course: who would want their distro to be...

Ubuntu confidential VMs with Intel® TDX are now in public preview on Azure

By ijlal-loutfi, 12 December 2023

Discover the enhanced security of Ubuntu Confidential VMs on Azure. With Intel TDX technology which encrypt your workloads at run time. Explore the public...

Announcing the Charmed Kafka beta

By robgibbon, 12 December 2023

Charmed Kafka is a complete solution to manage the full lifecycle of Apache Kafka. The Canonical Data Fabric team is pleased to announce the first beta...

End of year review: Ubuntu Desktop in 2023

By Oliver Smith, 11 December 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time to look back on the evolution of Ubuntu Desktop over the last twelve months.

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