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17 posts from September 2012

The business case: open source maturity

By Canonical, 26 September 2012

Like nearly all companies around the world, our business has benefited massively from open source technology. Samba has helped us allow Windows users upload...

Open cloud computing: mergers and aquisitions

By Canonical, 26 September 2012

Welcome to our new blog series. Over the next couple of months (at least) we’re going to take a look at the open cloud and what it means for businesses like...

Cloud computing primer

By nickbarcet, 26 September 2012

Our ebook is about making the cloud as straight forward as possible. If you want to reap the benefits of the open cloud but don’t know exactly where to start...

Ubuntu Server Edition for the enterprise

By Canonical, 21 September 2012

In this white paper, we’ll take a look at how Ubuntu’s unique dual-release cycle can bring the best innovations from the open-source world to your test and...

Ubuntu Desktop for the enterprise

By Canonical, 21 September 2012

Ubuntu has become a serious contender for businesses looking for desktop alternatives. As an open-source system, it offers huge licensing savings over...

Five golden rules for Ubuntu migration

By Canonical, 21 September 2012

The enterprise desktop is ripe for change. And if you’re thinking about how to make it happen then our latest guide is for you. This new, free ebook will show...

Crunch time on the enterprise desktop

By Canonical, 21 September 2012

The enterprise desktop is ripe for change. With support for Windows XP coming to an end, it’s time to find a better way. This ebook is about that better way....

Bancard streamlines PCI compliance with Canonical’s Landscape

By Canonical, 21 September 2012

Landscape centralises management of Ubuntu servers to increase efficiency and support compliance with financial industry regulations Summary NA Bancard...

Server Density deploys Ubuntu to deliver server and website monitoring as a service

By Canonical, 21 September 2012

Ubuntu helps Server Density developers innovate services, streamline server admin and increase security Summary Server Density delivers server and website...

Quetzal is taking flight & update on Ubuntu secure boot plans

By Jon Melamut, 20 September 2012

Development on Ubuntu 12.10 is wrapping up, with another beta release due on September 27th. Blog posts and reviews of the user-facing features are already...

Why we’re number one for OpenStack

By Kyle MacDonald, 19 September 2012

Today is the official launch of the OpenStack Foundation, which is leading the cloud industry in developing the most cutting-edge open enterprise-class cloud...

Humble Indie Bundle 6 brings six new games to the Ubuntu Software Center

By Canonical, 18 September 2012

UPDATE: We’ve just added four more amazing titles to the Humble Indie Bundle 6! If you’ve already picked up a bundle, you’ll find BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Gratuitous...

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