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14 posts from October 2011

White Paper: Secure Boot impact on Linux

By Victor Tuson Palau, 28 October 2011

Last month Steven Sinofsky from Microsoft announced new requirements for manufacturers wanting to ship Windows 8 systems, including a feature called “Secure...

Retail Stores in China

By Canonical, 27 October 2011

On Wednesday in Beijing, Canonical and Dell announced the start of an exciting retail program to sell machines pre-loaded with Ubuntu, initially rolling out...

Canonical announces partnership with Pearson Technology Group and Linux New Media to add e-books and magazines through the Ubuntu Software Centre

By Canonical, 24 October 2011

Canonical today announced the addition of books and magazines to the Ubuntu Software Center with new content from partners Pearson Technology Group and Linux...

Canonical realigns to better serve our customers

By Jane Silber, 21 October 2011

Canonical has grown dramatically over the last several years. This growth is driven by increasing demand for our services and products by end users,...

Ubuntu 12.04 to feature extended support period for desktop users

By Canonical, 21 October 2011

Five-year Long Term Support (LTS) makes Ubuntu a compelling choice for the business desktop London, October 21st, 2011: Canonical today announced it would be...

Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM

By Victor Tuson Palau, 18 October 2011

I have been using Ubuntu 11.10 on ARM now for a couple of days and I have to say: It is great! Ubuntu has had a long history of supporting ARM Systems on a...

Vodafone Webbook with Ubuntu software launched in South Africa

By admin, 18 October 2011

Canonical today announces that Vodacom, the African subsidiary of Vodafone, has launched the Vodafone Webbook, which is available to users exclusively with...

Thanks a billion! Ubuntu on Google Webfonts

By Canonical, 16 October 2011

Kudos to everyone using the Ubuntu Font Family on their websites as a web font! This week the total to date reached over one billion requests—and it’ll go up...

Next webinar with Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu Cloud

By Canonical, 13 October 2011

November 16th – 2pm UK time After years of development and fine tuning, the cloud vision of true computing elasticity is finally a reality. The question now...

So you’ve decided to make an Ubuntu promotional video

By Canonical, 11 October 2011

We made a video outlining what makes Ubuntu 11.10 so great and you can make one too in your language using this guide and assets.

Transforming the home PC with Ubuntu 11.10

By Canonical, 10 October 2011

London, 10 October, 2011: Millions of home users give their computers a new lease of life with Ubuntu each year. The upcoming version, Ubuntu 11.10, has...

From client to cloud, Ubuntu 11.10 sets the pace for business IT

By Canonical, 10 October 2011

London, October 13th, 2011: The latest iteration of products, tools and services that help businesses deploy open-source cloud-oriented infrastructure with...

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