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18 posts from September 2020

Canonical at OSM Hackfest MR#9

By Alex Chalkias, 28 September 2020

The 12th OSM Hackfest, or OSM mid-release NINE (MR#9) Hackfest, is one for the books and Canonical happily shared the presenter floor with the rest of the...

Stepping Down Gracefully

By Alan Pope, 25 September 2020

The Snap Store has been designed to enable upstream developers and enthusiastic community contributors to publish snaps. As with most Linux packaging...

A ‘Connected’ Bank – The power of data and analytics

By Kris Sharma, 23 September 2020

The next 10 years will redefine banking. What will differentiate top banks from their competitors? Data and derived insights. Banks across the globe have been...

Lenovo expand enterprise desktop range preinstalled with Ubuntu

By nilayshrugged, 23 September 2020

Today, Lenovo announced the expansion of its Linux program to include selected ThinkPad and ThinkStation PCs preinstalled with Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS....

NoSQL databases: what is MongoDB and its use cases for financial services?

By Kris Sharma, 22 September 2020

Databases like MongoDB, a NoSQL document database, are commonly used in environments where flexibility is required with big, unstructured data with...

The Expandables – snapcraft extensions and the secret code

By Igor Ljubuncic, 18 September 2020

If you’re a snap developer, you know that snap development is terribly easy. Or rather complex and difficult. Depending on your application code and...

Design and Web team summary – 16th September 2020

By Anthony Dillon, 16 September 2020

The web team here at Canonical run two-week iterations. Here are some of the highlights of our completed work from this iteration. Web squad Our Web Squad...

Security corner: snap interface & snap connections

By Igor Ljubuncic, 15 September 2020

One of the defining features of snaps is their strong security. Snaps are designed to run isolated from the underlying system, with granular control and...

An Introduction to Testing Robot Code

By Ted Kern, 14 September 2020

The myriad of different fields that make up robotics makes QA practices difficult to settle on. Field testing is the go-to, since a functioning robot is often...

The State of Robotics – August 2020

By Kyle Fazzari, 12 September 2020

So that’s the summer gone (hopefully, that heat was awful). Or winter if that’s where you are. Seasons change and so does the state of robotics. Fortunately,...

Snap! Collaborate and listen!

By Alan Pope, 10 September 2020

You’d think we would be running out of terrible/great (delete as applicable) 80s songs to try and shoehorn into the titles of these blog posts. Turns out, not...

How Aldo’s passion for artificial intelligence and machine learning led to a role at Canonical

By Canonical, 10 September 2020

Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, but who are the people behind Canonical? This blog is the second in a series getting to know some of the different...

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