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41 posts from March 2017

Snaps are now available for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop and server

By David Callé, 30 March 2017

The snapd team recently announced a new release of snapd supporting Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty) for servers and desktop (i386, amd64). The snapd service is what...

USB hotplug with LXD containers

By Stéphane Graber, 29 March 2017

USB devices in containersIt can be pretty useful to pass USB devices to a container. Be that some measurement equipment in a lab or maybe more commonly, an...

Making snap packages of photogrammetry software

By Guest, 29 March 2017

This is a guest post by Alberto Mardegan, Software Engineer at Canonical. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact...

Carrier Cloudification: What every telecom executive needs to know

By Tom Callway, 29 March 2017

New imperatives, technologies, and the emergence of the public cloud are forcing telecom service providers to rethink and validate their fundamental business...

NVidia CUDA inside a LXD container

By Stéphane Graber, 28 March 2017

GPU inside a container LXD supports GPU passthrough but this is implemented in a very different way than what you would expect from a virtual machine. With...

Battlestar solution

By Guest, 28 March 2017

This is a guest post by Peter Kirwan, technology journalist. If you would like to contribute a post, please contact Forecasts...

Machine learning with snaps

By Michael Hall, 28 March 2017

Late last year Amazon introduce a new EC2 image customized for Machine Learning (ML) workloads. To make things easier for data scientists and researchers,...

Job concurrency in Kubernetes: LXD and CPU pinning to the rescue

By Samuel Cozannet, 27 March 2017

A few days ago, someone shared with me a project to run video transcoding jobs in Kubernetes. During her tests, made on a default Kubernetes installation on...

Bare metal server provisioning is evolving the HPC market

By Canonical, 27 March 2017

  In the early days of High Performance Computing (HPC), ‘Big Data’ was just called ‘Data’ and organizations spent millions of dollars to buy mainframes or...

Putting Ubuntu in embedded

By Thibaut Rouffineau, 27 March 2017

This year Canonical joined Embedded World 2017 for the first time with a booth. And the initial reaction from anyone visiting the booth was one of surprise...

Video tutorial: learn how to install MAAS

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou, 27 March 2017

This short video offers step-by-step instructions on how to install MAAS (Metal as a Service) to your machine. Before you start you’ll need: One small server...

Huawei and Canonical integrate OpenStack and CloudFabric

By Canonical, 23 March 2017

Huawei Extends its Cooperation with Canonical with the Integration of CloudFabric Data Center Network Solution and Ubuntu Cloud Solutions Hannover, Germany,...

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