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6 posts from January 2011

The Natty Wallpaper contest – an important update!

By Canonical, 26 January 2011

Two weeks into our wallpaper contest we’re seeing lots of really interesting entries for the photographic part. As those of you who read the previous post...

London’s Design Museum recognises Ubuntu fonts

By Canonical, 24 January 2011

London 24th January 2011: The Ubuntu Project today announced the opening of a new exhibition at London’s Design Museum dedicated to the Ubuntu Font, in...

Free Culture Showcase

By Canonical, 20 January 2011

Get creative and submit your artwork to this year’s Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase. The theme is Freedom.

Can We Appropriate Design?

By Canonical, 13 January 2011

’Appropriation’ – the taking of a product and using it for one’s own purposes, in ways unintended by the product creators – is implicitly at the core of the...

Bright, light and beautiful!

By Canonical, 13 January 2011

That’s what we want the Ubuntu desktops in Natty to feel like. We’re changing things a little bit for the coming release too. We’ll still feature some...

Hebrew and Arabic on track

By Canonical, 4 January 2011

Although I haven’t posted much recently we have still been working away. Besides the latest update to Version 0.7 of the core fonts, which posed some...