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27 posts from October 2010

Introducing Ubuntu – The Movie!

By Canonical, 27 October 2010

Almost all of the design team are in Orlando this week taking part in UDS. As well as getting ready for the summit in the last few weeks we’ve also been...

Canonical’s Ubuntu Developer Summit to bring together international community of developers to build the next Ubuntu

By Canonical, 21 October 2010

LONDON, October 20, 2010 – On the heels of Canonical’s latest release, Ubuntu 10.10, the company will begin its Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) on October 25,...

What is UDS?

By Canonical, 18 October 2010

We’ve been talking a lot about UDS but some of you out there might not know what it is. Duncan McGregor, one of my colleagues, has had this very conversation...

Designing on Ubuntu

By Canonical, 18 October 2010

The recent Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase competition produced some good work. Lots of great photos and plenty of interesting music tracks were submitted.But...

This week in design – 15 October 2010

By Canonical, 15 October 2010

It’s out! We did it! YES! Well done everyone. Thanks for your support in helping make this latest release a good one. Our Meerkat is all grown up so what’s...

A space odyssey

By Canonical, 15 October 2010

Time flies and it’s already time for our next blog entry on the design of the Ubuntu font suite. Below my colleague Fabio Haag explains the joys of spacing...

42 day widget

By Canonical, 11 October 2010

Yesterday we successfully released the new versions of Ubuntu family. As you all know, yesterday was such a special date which occurs every 100 years:...

This week in design – 8 October 2010

By Canonical, 8 October 2010

It’s release week! That means that the Millbank London office and home office locations this week are a buzz with activity getting things ready for our big...

Latest Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition puts focus on consumers and mobile

By Canonical, 7 October 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 adds features for desktop and netbook users London, October 7, 2010: Canonical today announced the upcoming availability of Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop...

The Ubuntu community contributes towards saving the Iberian Lynx

By Cezzaine Zaher, 7 October 2010

With only three days until Ubuntu 10.10 (a.k.a Maverick Meerkat) is released and available to the world, it seems quite possible that Ubuntu’s 10.04 LTS...

Latest Ubuntu 10.10 Server Edition makes cloud deployment easier than ever

By Canonical, 7 October 2010

Canonical to sponsor users with free cloud time on Amazon EC2 to let users experience improvements for themselves Canonical today announced the upcoming...

Centralised logging with rsyslog

By Canonical, 4 October 2010

The management of multiple systems requires the setup of tools to control the servers behaviour in real time and post analysis. Moreover, regulations and best...

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