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4 posts from September 2008

New Ubuntu Server Edition Survey

By Canonical, 26 September 2008

The Ubuntu Server Team wants to know how you use Ubuntu Server in day-to-day operations to help the team prioritize the support and development of future...

Intrepid and beyond

By Canonical, 24 September 2008

Things are winding up for Intrepid. This time, we spent quite some effort on trying out new things. Our dark theme test seemed to pay off. Next time I would...

Codecs and DVD playback on Ubuntu 8.04 for all users

By Canonical, 15 September 2008

For the first time we are making codecs for media playback and a DVD player, from our partners at Fluendo and Cyberlink, available through the Ubuntu store....

Dell's new Ubuntu powered Inspiron Mini 9

By Canonical, 4 September 2008

Here at Canonical we are pretty excited about the global announcements today from Dell about its new Inspiron Mini 9, which will soon ship in many countries...