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The Canonical MicroCloud Roadshow

Deploying your own cloud typically involves significant investments – in terms of costs, time and skills. MicroClouds help minimise these investments by providing you with a cost-effective open source cloud that deploys in minutes and is easy to operate and maintain. Join us on the roadshow to see it in action and discover how you can benefit by using MicroCloud.

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What is a MicroCloud?

Join us on the roadshow

Discover MicroCloud benefits

Cloud computing is in its mature phase, allowing us to make smart and optimised design choices to develop a truly lightweight, automated cloud platform that doesn't compromise on performance.

See our demos for practical insights

Presentations might be interesting, but the proof is in the pudding. We'll demonstrate what it's like to deploy and operate MicroCloud in several demos.

Meet professionals in the field

In addition to meeting Canonical experts, you will also get a chance to network with other professionals in the field following the presentation.

Discover how MicroCloud could benefit you

Experience MicroCloud in action. Learn how MicroCloud simplifies deployment, operations and upgrades. See what it's like to run your applications on top of MicroCloud.

  • Deploy your cloud with a single command

    Deploying your own fully functional cloud is as easy as typing microcloud init and answering a few simple prompts – you'll be ready to go in minutes.

  • Upgrade seamlessly without downtime

    MicroCloud components are packaged using snaps, providing an extra layer of isolation while enabling worry-free updates. Combined with the Livepatch Service, you can upgrade and patch any component without affecting your environment.

  • Save without compromising on performance

    MicroClouds are lightweight and can run even on simple, inexpensive hardware. Users can also run their workloads using system containers that behave similarly but consume fewer resources. This ensures excellent performance while keeping costs at bay.

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