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Devices Field Software Engineer

Canonical Taipei, Taiwan Office

Role Summary

The Field Engineer will be an outstanding individual contributor and will support the delivery of Canonical’s commercial projects and support integration of Ubuntu in Canonical’s partner ODM/factory deployments. In addition to supporting project delivery, the Field Engineer will also have responsibility for providing onsite and offsite support for partners and customers of Canonical. Within Canonical, the Field Engineer will establish efficient and effective communication channels between all the teams that are needed to deliver projects or products and support new business opportunities.


Key responsibilities:

The Field Engineer supports the activities of the OEM project team and OEM engineering team within Canonical’s Devices Customer Engineering organization. Key responsibilities include:

  • Provide exemplary technical support to assigned commercial projects
  • Proactively plan and deliver technical training to Canonical's partners as needed
  • Facilitate efficient communication between different teams in Canonical’s customer engineering organization and other teams within Canonical
  • Support Canonical customer engineering in achieving its targets and other organizational goals.

Examples of tasks that may be requested by specific teams include:

  • Assist OEMs/ODMs to test and deploy Ubuntu on their hardware
  • Provide fast response times and estimated timelines for resolving individual technical issues
  • Ability to reproduce reported software anomalies, document test cases, test reported fixes, maintain active communications with the clients and internal teams
  • Assist projects by providing technical support and knowledge at customer or partner's site
  • On-site support during production preparation and run for partners.
  • Assist Canonical QA to improve the test cases based on the feedback from ODM/OEM testing. 


Required skills and experience:

  • Strong customer facing experience with proven track record
  • Strong hands-on working experience with Ubuntu and/or other Linux distros
  • Proficient in English language skills with high-level of written and verbal communication
  • At least 2 years plus of OEM/ODM experience with desktop/notebook, server or IoT device-based projects
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Experience delivering custom software engineering projects
  • Familiarity with Ubuntu's technical details
  • Familiarity with Ubuntu development model or other Linux distributions
  • Desired technology experience: Linux, x86, ARM, devices, clients, and servers
  • Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through self-discipline and self-motivation, delivering according to a schedule
  • Ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally.

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